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Computer Use Policies

Dear Pediatrics Users,

The Pediatrics IT Center would like to make you aware of several policies that we will be instituting in order to keep server performance at an acceptable level and also to keep you and the university safe from copyright infringement lawsuits and security breaches.

Music and Videos

The RIAA and MPAA are two groups that police the illegal sharing of music files (normally in .mp3 format) and videos (normally in .avi or .mpg format). These files are illegal to have unless you own the original store bought copy.

It is understandable that we all must have some type of outlet from work in order to enjoy each day. The following are the Pediatrics IT Center's policies regarding the use and possession of music and movie files.

Music should not be saved to the network. The network is defined as your H (personal/work private data, the same as your My Documents folder) and I (division data) drives where you save your data. The exception is if the files are directly related to your work such as a dictation. You may, however, store your legal music in a folder on your desktop.

Videos should not be saved to the network. The exception is if they are directly related to your work such as a training video. You may, however, store your legal videos in a folder on your desktop. These videos include backups that you have produced from a legal copy or a personal home video.

IT Support Of Your Music And Videos
We can only assist with your music and videos as time allows. The exception is if they are directly related to your work. Please call or email us for clarification or assistance.

Email Retention

Once an employee's appointment with Pediatrics is removed and all affiliations with the University of Florida are terminated, all access including e-mail is terminated.



We restrict deployment and use of Webshots. Webshots is a piece of software that allows you to use your pictures as a screensaver, however, it is malware / adware. Regardless of its current claims of being clean, it will monopolize system resources and generally hinder the computer's performance. We regret the inconvenience.

Software Updates

Most software packages are centrally deployed and kept updated in this fashion. All future software reinstallations or purchases should adhere to the minimum version list below.

The minimum version listed for the following software is the only version that will be supported. Older versions of software are normally not continually supported by the company and are the target of security exploits. If you do not have the minimum version, please contact our office so we can assist you in purchasing an approved copy.

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